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Joe's Farm Fresh Turkey Breasts and Whole Turkeys

We do NOT guarantee a specific weight turkey. Overlaps between sizes are with purpose to allow us to move turkeys up and down a lb or two as nature provides. Understand that you are purchasing at the AVG weight in the range; your turkey will be somewhere in the listed range. Additionally, we are not providing custom cutting services for your turkey so no spatchcocking or removal of parts. These provisions are this year only as we deal with proximity issues due to COVID. Thanks so much for your understanding! Questions or need to cancel or change your order? Call us 317-846-8877 or email your question to On cancelations we prefer a phone call/voicemail, there are NO cancelations or changes after November 17th! On cancelations or changes we will need your name, phone number, date you ordered or order number from your confirmation email, and pick up date/time.
Bone-In Breast (7 to 9 lbs, 8.25lb avg) $7.79lb
$63.99 ea.
Boneless Skinless Breast (6 to 8 lbs, 7.25lb avg) $8.99lb
$65.99 ea.
Whole Size A (10 to 12 lbs., 11lb avg.) $4.59lb
$49.99 ea.
Whole Size B (12 to 16 lbs., 14lb avg.) $4.59lb
$63.99 ea.
Whole Size C (15 to 19 lbs., 17lb avg.) $4.59lb
$77.99 ea.
Whole Size D (18 to 22 lbs., 20lb avg.) $4.59lb
$91.99 ea.
Whole Size E (22 to 26 lbs., 23lb avg.) $4.59lb
$104.99 ea.
Whole Size F (26 to 29 lbs., 27lb avg.) $4.59lb
$122.99 ea.
Whole Size G (28 lbs. and up, 29lb avg.) $4.59lb
$132.99 ea.

Joe's Smoked Farm Fresh Turkey

Reservations for Whole Smoked Turkey, or Smoke Turkey Breast
Smoked Bone-In Breast (7 to 9lbs, 8.25lb avg) - $8.39lb
$68.99 ea.
Smoked Boneless Breast (6 to 8lbs, 7.25lb avg) - $9.29lb
$70.99 ea.
Smoked Whole Turkey (11 to 15lbs, 13lb avg) - $5.69lb
$75.99 ea.
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